The Prospective Candidates

The Chinese schools that sponsor this program actively seek a diverse cross-section of American teachers that represent the cultural diversity of America. If you possess the following qualities, you are welcome to apply for this unique program:
- Applicants who are in excellent physical condition for large amount of walking and stair-climbing on most days of the program, as well as in hot and humid weather.
- Applicants who have the ability to adapt to changes in routine.
- Applicants who have cheerful and positive disposition.
- Applicants who have excellent work ethics.
- Applicants who have enthusiasm for teaching.
- Applicants who have excellent classroom management.
- Applicants who have the ability to maintain students actively engaged in the lesson.
- Applicants who appreciate and respect the Chinese culture.
- Applicants who keep an open mind in general about a culture that is different from their own culture.

NOT Recommended

The three-week activity-filled program is NOT recommended for the following applicants:

- Applicants with medical or mental concerns that wil interfere with their ability to teach or function in this fast paced intense program.

- Applicants who cannot handle lots of walking and climbing multiple flights of stairs several times a day.

- Applicants who cannot tolerate extreme heat (in high 90s) and humidity (in high 90%).

- Applicants who have respiratory issues.

- Applicants who have any type of dietary restriction, and/or allergies to corn starch, soy based products, monosodium glutamate (MSG), peanut, gluten, and/or have problems eating Chinese food for a month.

- Applicants who cannot deal with using the squat – style toilets.

- Applicants who are not flexible enough to handle changes in routine or only expect things to be the way at home.

- Applicants who have alcohol/drug abuse.
: The Chinese schools have ZERO Tolerance for excessive alcoholic consumption that interferes with a teacher’s ability to function normally and perform well in teaching.  Drug abuse is illegal in China.

Teacher Credentials

Applicants must meet one of the following qualifications:

  1. Teachers who hold a multiple-subject or single-subject credential issued by any state in the US.
  2. Student teachers in the credential program who have done at least one semester of student teaching in the K – 12 schools.
  3. Non-credentialed private school teachers who have had teaching experience in the K – 12 schools.
  4. Graduate students in a TESOL Program at an American university (K – 12 teaching experience preferred).
  5. Community college teachers who have had teaching experience in TESOL/foreign languages.

U.S. Residency & Native English Speakers

- Applicants must be residents currently living in the US when applying for the program and prior to flight departure from the US.
- All candidates are required to have high proficiency in English needed by the Chinese schools that sponsor the program.
-Selection priority is given to the experienced teachers who are currently teaching or who have had years of teaching experience in K – 12 ESL, K – 12 foreign languages, or K – 8 English language arts.